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In 2010, Sen. Gabriel Alcaraz prepares a privilege speech revealing details of a corruption scam at the highest levels of the government, implicatingPresident Genoviva Obrero. However, on the day he is prepared to deliver the speech at the Senate, a close ally, NBI director San Juan, is assassinated while trying to warn him of a plan to arrest him. Undaunted, Alcaraz leaves his family and slips out of the Senate complex just as apolice detail led by his old colleague, Director Dante Cristobal, move in to serve the warrant. He heads to the NAIA airport, but knowing that the police are waiting for him there, slips out of the country aboard a ship with help from TV reporter Maya Limchauco and an associate of the NBI chief. He arrives in Amsterdam, where Isabelle Manahan, a Filipino expatriate who works with the UN, shelters the senator but discourages him against contacting his loved ones back home; the family falls into despair from the backlash over his escape.

Main cast

  • Robin Padilla as Gabriel Molino Alcaraz
  • Bela Padilla as Maya Limchauco
  • Pen Medina as Sebastian Jago
  • Joem Bascon as younger Dante Cristobal
  • Michael de Mesa as Dir. Dante Cristobal
  • Mylene Dizon as Mrs. Anna Alcaraz
  • Carla Humphries as Isabelle Manahan
  • Bibeth Orteza as Pres. Genoviva Obrero
  • Cholo Barretto as Benjo Alcaraz

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